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Built on the grounds of energy, drive and positivity, Green Grass Consulting is a recruitment agency like no other. We are committed to our belief that we can truly make the grass greener on the other side.

Founded by Tascha Hermann in 2012, the team focus has always been on making sure that we take the time to know our clients as well as our candidates so that we are always able to match the perfect combination of candidate aspiration, client need and job skill-set.

It is this determination to look beyond the standard that allows us to understand what it is our clients truly need.

Specialising in the ICT space, we have over 40 years of experience in the Telecoms and ISP industries, meaning that we have a fundamental understanding of the products, the technology, and for the companies and competitors who make up this market space. This ensures that the people we place are the ones that will help you meet your company goals.

With success as our catalyst, we have grown into doing more than just ICT placements to include new industries such as finance, engineering and property management. Of this we are very proud!

Tascha’s commitment to making her business work is rooted in the need to empower and enable women to work in a supportive and constructive environment that aims high and achieves great things often. It was this conviction from which the seeds for Green Grass Consulting were planted. She is committed to creating a business that is grown from the heart. One where there is a fundamental belief that women can have it all; where you are able to work smartly and efficiently while having the flexibility to work from a convenient location with adaptable hours which allows for a well-rounded, productive and happy employee. This extends into the goals for the company, where the key premise for a smooth and dynamic team lies in aligned goals.


Green Grass Consulting is a vibrant company created with the belief that “your business is only as good as the people you employ.

We want to ensure that the grass really is greener because we have made sure that the position and company match the candidate career aspirations, and that the customer has hired the right person for the job!


Green Grass Consulting aims to be the agency of choice in South Africa, not due to size or location, but to excellence, reliable customer service, solid business ethics, and a reputation for supplying our customers with amazing candidates!

Types of Positions we search for

  • Sales and New Business Development
  • Key and Strategic Account Management
  • Channel and Partner Management
  • Product Management / Product Specialists
  • Project Management
  • Business Analyst
  • Training Management
  • Engineers / Technicians
  • IT and Operation Management
  • Executive Sales and Marketing Management
  • Financial Management
  • PA / Coordination
  • HR and Procurement
  • Directors / Executive Management

Company Goals

  • To submit a minimum 3 perfectly matched CVs for the job on hand
  • To submit qualified CVs within 3 working days (and if not possible, to promptly provide feedback as to why we have not been able to find candidates)
  • To work quickly, smartly and efficiently, using all available resources (prioritise, not procrastinate)
  • To ensure that the candidate matches the culture of the company
  • To “sell the best attributes of our candidates to the company (getting their CV to the top of the list)
  • To assist with the drafting of job profiles and to advise on market related salaries where necessary
  • To ensure clear and regular lines of communication to our customers through emails, phone calls and meetings, both pre- and post-recruitment
  • To ensure that candidates are always prepared for interviews (mentoring and motivating are a part of our job!)
  • To consistently recruit for the best customers both in SA and internationally
  • To become the Top ICT Recruitment Agency is SA.

Core Values

  • Pride – to love what we do and be inspirational to others
  • Fun – to create an atmosphere of fun and happiness for everyone to enjoy
  • Team Work – to work together as a team to achieve the shared visions and goals
  • Accountability – to acknowledge and assume responsibility and ownership for actions, decisions and customer relationships
  • Balance – to maintain a healthy work-life balance for the team; allowing flexibility
  • Commitment – to commit to great service, placing great staff and to any other initiatives that impact lives both within and outside the business
  • Integrity – to act with honesty and honour without ever compromising the truth

At Green Grass Consulting we aim to reinforce a positive perception of recruitment by sticking to our goals, loving what we do, and making a profound difference to people’s lives through their work environments. Here, going the extra mile is our standard.

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