Telecoms recruitment hassles a thing of the past.

We at Green Grass Consulting are experienced in telecoms recruitment and guarantee positive results in relation to our placements. With our vast experience within the ICT and Information Technology fields, we know how to place the correct person in the correct position. Green Grass Consultingunderstands that IT is such a niche market and that there are specific individuals needed to suit certain IT industry needs. We act on behalf of our clients to make sure that you get the person that is just right for your vacant position.

Employing someone new is ever time consuming and sometime frustrating. Let us help you make the right decisions with minimal fuss. We strive to offer ICT careers to the right individuals.  We want to make sure that you don’t pull your hair out when it comes to the IT industry. Whether you are looking for jobs in telecommunications or are company needing telecoms recruitment solutions, we have the service to fit your need. Contact us today for all your ICT IT needs.