The Interview Process


The interview process is one of the post important things to have when preparing for an interview, Make sure you get as much detail as possible from your Recruitment Consultant at Green Grass Consulting, such as:

  • Full job specification (match your skills against this).
  • Company background.
  • Times and dates.
  • Interview process / Next steps.
  • Who is interviewing you?
  • Correct address with timelines and directions to get there
  • Company website (and look it up - doing research on the company is always beneficial).
  • List the questions you wish to ask, i.e.:
    • Please define for me the specific opportunity
    • What are your expectations of success?
    • How will you identify, measure and reward success?
    • Tell me about the culture of your firm.
    • How do you differentiate the firm among its many competitors?
    • What accomplishments of the firm are you most proud of?

On the Day:

  • Review directions to the interview.
  • Have appropriate phone numbers in case you are delayed or lost.
  • Leave yourself enough time to arrive 10-15 minutes early.
  • Plan for traffic, weather, construction etc.
  • If there is any chance of you being late, call Green Grass Consulting.
  • Wear appropriate business attire.
  • Be mindful not to wear too much jewellery (men and women).
  • Maintain good personal hygiene and be freshly groomed.
  • If you have a unique hair colour (blue, yellow, purple) notify your recruiter in advance of the face-to-face interview.
  • Ensure you smile when greeting people.
  • Make good direct eye contact and shake hands firmly. 

Identify the company’s need / requirement: 

  • What is the ideal profile of the person you are looking for?
  • What would I need to be to be successful in your company?
  • What does the role involve?

Talk about your experience and skills that are RELEVANT to the company’s needs.  You are trying to ensure that the client has an understanding of you, and can see the benefits to him and his / her company of you doing the job.

The Key To Success:

  • Positive thinking / attitude.
  • Interviews are a two way process.
  • Providing relevant features and benefits about yourself.
  • Looking corporate - First Impressions Count.