Tips for getting a job in telecommunications today

Do you want to start a job in telecommunications?  Our database plays host to numerous ICT companies with vacancies in IT and telecommunications. Contact Green Grass Consulting if you are looking to advance or merely begin an ICT career. If you are looking to start employment in telecommunications, ICT or IT we can help you take the first steps. We have positions available in telecoms jobs, jobs in ICT, IT jobs etc. We are based in Johannesburg but operate nationally.

ICT is an every growing industry and there are numerous jobs opportunities popping up all the time. ICT stands for Information and Communications Technology.ICT concerns itself with 3 main areas namely: information, communication and technology.

ICT is primarily concerned with the ICT industry. The ICT industry is a specilised industry with a variety of different branches. There are numerous jobs within the ICT Industry such as data analysts, security specialists etc.

Going for a telecom job interview can be quite daunting. The questions can get quite technical. We have a few tips for you to use during your telecom jobinterview:

  1. Prepare!!!! Research the job profile and company fully to make sure you know what could be expected of you and what your job profile will be.
  2. You answers must always be technically correct. Remember that the person who is interviewing oyu is usually a technical expert and he is there to assess your technical ability and to see how you would cope with the job in IT.
  3. Jobs in telecommunications usually require a lot of team work so be prepared for a question that will tackle your technical as well as team work abilities.