Metro Fibre Networx (MFN)

To whom it may concern:

RE: Supplier Reference Letter for Green Grass Consulting

Metro Fibre Networx (MFN) has been using the recruitment services of Green Grass Consulting since their inception in April 2012. We have chosen to use them as they understand our industry, technology/products and they know where to find people that will fit into our business. Dealing with them makes recruiting staff hassle free, less time consuming and easier to manage. We are more than happy to act as a reference for them.


  • Turnaround times
    • They meet deadlines, and communicate with us when they are unable to find people to fit the spec. Their communication is excellent during and after the process.
  • Calibre of candidates
    • They send us good, qualified CVs, usually 3 or 4 per spec. They understand our business and products, and therefore send us great candidates each time.
  • Quality of CVs
    • Always good and well matched for the position at hand. All the necessary detail is included and they are thorough with certain checks and information that is relevant to our business.
  • Standard of service
    • Always good, I would highly recommend them based on many factors, but mainly their unique high and consistent standards of service.
  • Placement success
    • Great so far. MFN is still growing, so there are many more placements to come.
  • Overall performance
    • Never an issue, always going the extra mile to make sure we have the best people on board.


~ Malcolm Kirby