Vox Telecom Limited

To whom it may concern:

Like many companies wanting to find and take on quality technical staff, we are faced with trying to do it ourselves or facing the challenge of trying to deal with the plethora of recruitment consultants.

Historically we had a panel of companies we worked with but after the three best candidates for three consecutive appointments came from the same company, there was an inevitable conclusion. We now always give first consideration to Green Grass consulting as their staff have taken the time to really understand our specific requirements and only provide us with candidates of the highest calibre, all of whom have added significant value to our company.

I highly recommend them.


  • Turnaround times
    • Great turnaround times
  • Calibre of candidates
    • High Calibre candidates.
  • Quality of CV’s
    • High quality CV’s
  • Standard or service
    • Exceptional service levels.
  • Placement success
    • Great placement ratio.
  • Overall performance
    • Performance as a whole is above and beyond.