Get a job in the ICT Industry

If you have all the right training and qualifications in Information and Communication Technology but you are still struggling to find the job in the IT industry that you’ve been searching desperately for, then Green Grass Consulting may just be solution to your job-hunting problems. Green Grass Consulting is an Information and Communication Technology and Telecommunications recruitment agency with loads of experience in the IT industry and with finding people the perfect jobs in ICT to suit them. The reason for our high success rate is that a number of major ICT companies visit our database every day looking for people to fill positions in the IT and Telecommunications industry within their firms. If you want a better rate of success in grabbing the perfect job in IT or communications, then you should most certainly get yourself into our database! So contact us today at Green Grass Consulting for details and take the next step towards your dream job in ICT.

As a product of our many years of experience in the IT industry, we know which of the many available jobs will be best suited to which candidates and we can match people to their ideal jobs in the IT industry. Green Grass Consulting is here to make sure that all our clients find their dream jobs, and you could be one of them.

What job to get in the ICT Industry?

We here at Green Grass Consulting have some interesting facts about the IT industry that may interest you if you are considering a career in ICT or in the IT industry in general:

“South Africa is the African continents ICT industry leader, and also the 20th largest buyer of IT products and services in the world. ICT is becoming a bigger and bigger contributor to South Africa’s Gross Domestic Product. With a network which is vastly digital and consisting of the most up-to-date in wireless and satellite communication, South Africa boasts one of the most advanced telecommunications networks in Africa. South Africa's ICT field is facing continued growth in the future, due to the key competitive advantages specific to the country. Many South African companies and subsidiaries of international companies that are located in South Africa are providers of most of the innovative fixed and wireless telecommunications networks which have been set up around the continent recently.”

There are also a vast number of different jobs available within the IT and ICT industry, such as:

  • Web Developer
  • Data analysts/ programmer
  • User Training/ Technical Support
  • Telecommunications/ Network Specialist
  • Database Administrator
  • Security Specialist
  • Information Systems Manager

If these aren’t a good indication that the IT industry is a great industry to establish your career in, then we don’t know what is. Contact us today to enlist Green Grass Consulting to help you find your dream job in the IT industry!