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If you have all the necessary qualifications in ICT and are still battling to find perfect options of jobs in IT or telecommunications, then Green Grass Consulting is the solution to your problems. Green Grass Consulting is an Information and Communication Technology and telecoms recruitment agency with years of experience in the field. Many major ICT companies access our database every day looking for potential candidates to fill positions of jobs in IT and Telecommunications field within their companies. If you want a higher success rate in finding fantastic options of jobs in IT or communications, then you want to be in our database! Contact Green Grass Consulting now, your number one telecoms recruitment agency!

ICT – which means Information and Communication Technology – is the study or business of developing and using technology to process information and aid communications. The ICT industry in South Africa is fast growing and there are many new and exciting jobs in IT becoming available every day. Green Grass Consulting, as a telecoms recruitment agency can help you to find the perfect opportunities of jobs in IT, all you need to do is contact us and find out how to get into our database.

Telecoms recruitment agencies in South Africa

Green Grass Consulting is a telecoms recruitment agency in South Africa and South Africa is the African continents ICT industry leader, and also the 20th largest buyer of IT products and services in the world. ICT is becoming a bigger and bigger contributor to South Africa’s Gross Domestic Product. With a network which is vastly digital and consisting of the most up-to-date in wireless and satellite communication, South Africa boasts one of the most advanced telecommunications networks in Africa. South Africa's ICT field is facing continued growth in the future, due to the key competitive advantages specific to the country. Many South African companies and subsidiaries of international companies that are located in South Africa are providers of most of the innovative fixed and wireless telecommunications networks which have been set up around the continent recently.

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