Jobs in ICT

Our commitment lies in serving the ICT industry. At Green Grass Consulting we act on behalf of our clients to recruit the most suitable candidates for vacant roles within the industry. Our objective is to source the best talent within the ICT industry and to place candidates in ICT jobs most suited to their skills and expertise. Are you looking for Jobs in ICT?

What is ICT?

ICT, an acronym which stands for Information and Communications Technology, is a broad description for a vast field of technology which comprises primarily of computer and telecommunication related expertise or products. Since ICT is such a diverse and constantly expanding sphere, a career in ICT may include working within one or more of many technology arenas, from performing jobs in IT to jobs in telecommunications.

ICT Job Seekers and Employers

Green Grass Consulting offers a recruitment service to job seekers and employers alike. Whether you’re a person in search of an ICT job, be it an entry level vacancy or an executive role, or an organisation seeking skilled individuals who wish to kick-start or accelerate their ICT careers, our proven track record in recruitment will come to your aid. Our database consists of ICT companies with vacancies in IT and telecommunications as well as profiles of experienced persons well suited to employment in telecommunications, ICT or IT. Whether you’re an ICT company looking for experienced, motivated new employees, or an ambitious individual with a desire for career progression, Green Grass Consulting can help you.

But why Green Grass Consulting?

At Green Grass Consulting we pride ourselves on our extensive experience in telecoms recruitment, and offer a service which yields great results. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the incumbents we put forward fit their requirements. We make every possible effort to meet individual needs, and care about the end result. We operate with the highest levels of honesty and integrity, and treat customer service as a top priority.

ICT Careers - How do I begin?

If you are ready to advance your ICT career, contact Green Grass Consulting. Our comprehensive jobs listing consists of ICT jobs, telecoms jobs, and jobs in IT. We are based in Gallo Manor, Johannesburg, but operate nationally, so wherever you are in South Africa, we have got the right job for you. Don’t delay – contactGreen Grass Consulting. The grass is always greener on our side!