Jobs in IT

Telecommunications and information technology is the exchange of information over significant distances by electronic means. There are various types of telecommunications and, as a result, the profession is a vast one with many specialties. With the help of Green Grass Consulting you will be able to find ideal jobs in IT and jobs in ICT that you feel perfectly suited to- jobs that you may never have even heard of had you not signed up with us! We happen to be the best telecoms recruitment agency out there, with plenty of experience in information technology sector of South Africa. With our expertise in the telecoms recruitment business, we are able to find the perfect fit each and every time!

Not only do we help candidates to find jobs in IT and ICT careers, but we also help ICT companies to find the perfect candidates who can successfully fill open positions in the ICT/IT industry. Jobs in IT are always expanding; however, this certainly does not mean that it is an easy market to break into. At Green Grass Consulting we deal with some of the leading telecommunications and ICT companies and therefore are able to offer a wide range of telecoms recruitment options to our candidates. We can help to make your dreams come true in the information technology/IT/ICT industry.

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Jobs in Telecommunications

Advertisements by ICT companies for the ICT industry for jobs in telecommunications include:


  • Managers work at many levels in telecommunications companies, assuring that the company or department meets goals for sales and customer service, creating and adhering to budgets, and supervising employees.


  • Marketing specialists, research analysts, graphic designers and ad copyists all work to produce advertisements for print, radio and television to sell telecommunications devices and service.


  • Salespeople in the telecommunications/information technology agency may work for Internet Service Providers, cell phone stores, land line telephone plan sales, long distance sales, or cable and satellite television companies. They may work in retail locations or telemarketing.

Development and Support

  • Network analysts, service technicians and system administrators ensure that telecommunications/information technology lines and systems function correctly and repair problems as needed. Software and computer engineers and programmers help devise new technologies for various telecommunications devices and service.


  • Billers and payment processors work to mail and collect customer bills' and ensure they are credited to their accounts. Accountants and bookkeepers are responsible for tracking the financial expenditures and income for telecommunication companies.

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