Interviewing Etiquette

Acing your interview is a long way towards having the job you want. Simple as that. At Green Grass Consulting, our aim is to have the right person hired for the right job, and in order to do that, part of the responsibility falls onto your shoulders to make a first impression that clearly puts you as the person the interviewers cannot wait to have on their pay role.

Tascha Hermann, managing director of Green Grass, set out her 14 most important tips to the business etiquette you need to have honed throughout your career – these will serve you well in any meeting.

  1. Research the company. Make sure you know what they are all about and how you could fit into their culture.
  2. If possible, check your interviewer out on LinkedIn, get a feel for who they are and where their experiences and expectations lie. Social media is your friend.
  3. Arrive on time! 5 minutes before would be even better.
  4. While you’re waiting, put your phone on silent and leave in it your pocket or bag throughout the meeting. A distracted interviewee will not impress anyone.
  5. Dress correctly. Business attire is usually best for the initial interview. Take off your favourite party outfit, and refrain from even looking at your comfortable Sunday shoes.
  6. Relax, take a breath and walk in with your head held high.
  7. Be confident, but not arrogant.
  8. And most importantly: be positive!
  9. Shake hands with everyone interviewing you – firm and not overly rigid or soft.
  10. No slouching or lounging on the furniture – this is a business interview, not coffee with your bestie.
  11. Eye contact. Always a must.
  12. Think before you speak.
  13. Ask a couple questions, the interview is a dialogue not an exam.
  14. And remember to follow up with a personalised email thanking the interviewer for their time and consideration.

It’s not that hard to ace the interview once we have found you your perfect fit, but it is important to do these 14 simple things because they can make the world of difference to how you are perceived.

Read them, remember them, live by them.

~ Katie Cubitt