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Telecoms recruitment is our forte at Green Grass Consulting, a reputable telecoms recruitment agency in Johannesburg. Telecoms recruitment is a specialised field that we have chosen to focus on because it is not only our job but our passion too. Welcome to Green Grass Consulting, your favourite telecoms recruitment agency in Johannesburg.

If you need to enlist the services of a professional and customer-service orientated telecoms recruitment agency, then you have come to the right place! We at Green Grass Consulting are experts in telecoms recruitment in South Africa and our core business is in the ICT industry. Let us help you to find jobs in IT, jobs in ICT and jobs in telecommunications that you will be devoted to. For those who are new to the ‘game’, we can help to kick-start your ICT/IT careers!

Not only are we a telecoms recruitment agency that helps ICT/IT professionals to find ICT jobs, but we are also a telecoms recruitment agency that helps ICT companies to find the ‘cream of the crop’ for their job vacancies. If you have jobs in ICT, jobs in IT or jobs in telecommunications available, we will help you to fill those positions- quickly, efficiently, cost-effectively, and with the very best candidates possible!

Get in touch with us now for more detailed information about the ICT industry and jobs in ICT that we have available for you to apply for. We are the telecoms recruitment agency that you can always lean on!

Jobs in the exciting ICT Industry

We at Green Grass Consulting are a specialised telecoms recruitment agency in South Africa and we focus on the ICT industry. We bring you the best jobs in telecommunications and information technology. What makes us more unique than a lot of other agencies is the fact that we have a niche market and we recruit for a specific industry. Because of this, we know exactly what our clients are looking for and we have an idea of which candidate will suit which position.

The ICT industry definitely has the tendency to be quite aggressive in terms of recruitment.  This is why it is always great to have support when seeking ICT jobs, jobs in IT and jobs in telecommunications. Let us at Green Grass Consulting help to make the ICT industry a bit easier to infiltrate. We are the gurus in all aspects of information technology and ICT careers. We can assist you in getting to the top of the ICT industry by placing you in the perfect position and company.

So, what is information technology? What is ICT/IT? ICT which stands for information and communication technology includes all forms of computer and communications equipment and software used to create, design, store, transmit, interpret and manipulate information in its various formats. Personal computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, transport systems, televisions, and network technologies are just some examples of the diverse array of ICT tools.

Studies in ICT include many fields, such as mathematics, information systems, physics and design. The skills acquired in an ICT degree can be applied to everything from satellites to iPhone apps, from CT scanners to computer games.

While many people think of Information Technology when they think of ICT, Multimedia Design, Computer Systems Engineering and Software Engineering also lead to careers in ICT. In a nutshell ICT covers a broader base of technologies than IT.

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