Telecoms Recruitment

Do you have all the right qualifications and yet are still battling to find the perfect job in IT or telecommunications? Well, Green Grass Consulting can help you find greener pastures! We are one of the leading telecoms recruitment agencies in the country and will help you find that ideal ‘fit’. We have an extensive database that is actively viewed by hundreds of ICT companies daily. If you contact us now, we will add you to that database! This will result in maximum exposure for you in the job market. When it comes to successful telecoms recruitment, we are experienced and passionate. We have placed so many individuals in the ICT companies of their dreams that we know just what the ICT industry is seeking in terms of qualifications, experience and personality traits. According to John Holland,

Studies show that people flourish in their work environment when there is a good fit between their personality type and the characteristics of the environment. Lack of congruence between personality and environment leads to dissatisfaction, unstable career paths, and lowered performance.”

We are the telecoms recruitment company of choice and will help make your goals a reality with regard to jobs in ICT.

Land Dream Jobs in IT

Jobs in IT can be difficult to find. The ICT/IT industry is extremely competitive and fast-paced and many people miss opportunities because they are looking in all the wrong places. Let Green Grass Consulting make life easier for you! We can assist you with finding jobs in IT, jobs in telecommunications and ICT jobs. Contact Green Grass Consulting if you are looking to advance or merely begin an ICT career. With our extensive knowledge in the field of information technology, you can be certain that we will find the ideal jobs in IT to suit you. Our aim is to ensure that the “grass is greener on the other side”

Looking for the Perfect Candidate for Jobs in ICT

If you are a company seeking a new employee for jobs in ICT, Green Grass Consulting will be just as valuable a resource to you! Employing someone new is always time consuming and sometime frustrating. Let us help you make the right decisions with minimal fuss. We strive to offer ICT careers to the right individuals.  We want to make sure that you don’t pull your hair out when it comes to the IT industry. Whether you are looking for people who will be ideally suited for jobs in telecommunications or are an individual looking for ICT companies with job openings, we have the service to fit your need. Contact us today for all of your ICT/IT needs. For more information and answers to questions such ‘what is ICT?’ feel free to pay our website a visit.