What is the ICT industry?

The IT industry is a focused industry that comprises of several different branches. One project may need many people, all of whom have various IT skills.

Webopedia.com describes ICT as: “Short for Information and Communications Technology, it is the study or business of developing and using technology to process information and aid communications.” For those who are not-so technical, this means that ICT is made up of three different branches, which are:

  1. Information
  2. Technology
  3. Communications

For a developed world, electronic contact has shown to play a vital role in bringing people closer to government. Information technology provides for an increase of the flow of information between citizens of a country and government and in so doing, encouraging both dialogue and participation. For this reason, it is a critical tool within the growth and development of public participation.

Need a job in Information Technology?

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Facts about the South African Information technology world

  • South Africa is the African leader of the ICT industry. Look at these ICT industry facts:
  • South Africa is the 20th largest consumer of IT products and services in the world. Information technology is proving to be a vitally important contributor to South Africa’s GDP.
  • With a network which is 99.9% digital and comprises of the very latest in wireless and satellite communication, South Africa has one of the most developed telecoms network in Africa.
  • South Africa's ICT and electronics sectors are looking forward to continued strong growth in the future, owing to the major competitive advantages that are specific to the country as well as the continent.
  • South Africa's ICT products and services industry is also making its mark in the rapidly-developing African market. South African companies and locally based subsidiaries of international companies are suppliers of most of the new fixed and wireless telecoms networks which have been setup across the African continent in recent years.
  • South Africa's ICT industry is supported by the African Advanced Institute for Information and Communication Technology, otherwise known as the Meraka Institute. The Institute began as a strategic government initiative and it promotes ICT skills development, research and innovation, along with the adoption of free/libre and open source software (FLOSS).

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